My Story

I needed to change my lifestyle. I needed to regain my health. The diagnosis of the dreadful auto-immune disease was going to be my downfall unless I did something and FAST. So I did a 360 degree turn.

I had lost 10 lbs. in three weeks, hardly had any appetite and zero energy to do the things I loved. This is when the passion for juicing was born.

2014 wasn’t my best year. After a lot of doctor visits, blood tests, and a biopsy from one of the few scabs that I had started to notice on my skin turned out to be dermal/skin Sarcoidosis. DEVASTATING!Even as a nurse for over 20 years, this diagnosis name was new to me.

All those years of home cooking, I knew it all! So I thought. But was I wrong!

Treatment would be composed of very lethal medicines which included steroids, even oral chemotherapy and inter-tubercular (TB) pills. I chose to delay treatment so I could do my own intense research. Meanwhile, I opted for topical creams.

And so the idea for juicing was born! Daily juicing in conjunction with healthy eating created a fire in me. In fact, my next doctor’s appointment 6 months later was great news. You guessed it! No trace of Sarcoidosis or its symptoms.

Almost 5 years to the day, I have become a juicing fanatic. And because of my amazing health transformation, I urge you to join in this journey with me! Let’s remove toxic chemicals from our bodies from processed food's life and environmental stressors to decrease inflammation.


I call this "simple life for a healthier You". Your health is your responsibility.

Flossie Njama | Simple Life Healthier You
Flossie Njama | Simple Life Healthier You